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The software is free to manage up to 30 domain contacts and $3.00 USD per month to manage up to the Google maximum of 25,000 contacts. See our pricing page for more information.
Yes email support is always available by contacting us.
The short answer is that Google does not have this functionality, and relies on third party products (such as this one) to add shared contact management functions.
Only domain administrators (including delegated admins) can log into Voyzu and manage contacts. If you are looking for fully featured Google Workspace contact sharing software check out our product Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager for Google Workspace
We would love you to :) Please contact us and tell us what you would like to see.
The person who installed voyzu for the Google Workspace domain is referred to as the "Voyzu Google Workspace administrator". This person will receive voyzu product and service related email communications. If you are not sure if you are the voyzu Google Workspace administrator or you want to change voyzu administators then please contact us
No, we wouldn't do that :). All information shown is randomly generated test data.
Exosphere is an example company we use for Google Workspace training purposes.

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You must be a Google Workspace administrator to install Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace. If you are not a domain administrator please ask your domain admin to install voyzu from the Google Workspace marketplace