Help installing and activating Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace


Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace is available only to Google Workspace users, i.e. it cannot be installed with a regular Gmail account. The online software is very simple to install and activate, as there is full integration with you as a Google Workspace user. Follow these simple steps to install and activate Voyzu

As a domain administrator, install from the Google Workspace marketplace

Follow this link to install Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace. Only 'Domain install' is supported as voyzu needs access to your domain-wide contacts.

Individual install is not supported and you will receive a verification warning if you attempt an individual install

You will see a screen informing you of the specific access Voyzu has to your Google Workspace instance, click on Accept once you are comfortable with the Terms and Privacy policy, and Voyzu Contacts Directory will be installed in your domain.


Once install is complete, which is generally within 20 seconds or so, you and your domain users can launch Voyzu from the Google universal navigation icon

Activate Voyzu by logging in

After launching Voyzu you will be taken to the Voyzu login screen - select your Google Workspace administator account and log in.

Once you have logged in for the first time, Voyzu is now active and available to all domain users on your domain.


If you are having problems logging in to Voyzu, here are some things you can check

I receive an error message saying Voyzu has not been installed for my domain
It can take a short while (minutes not hours) for Google to sync install data. If you receive this warning immediately after installing Voyzu then wait a minute or so and try again.

I receive an error message 'popup_closed_by_user'
You will get this message if you close the Google 'choose account' screen without selecting an account. If however you are receiving this error even when you select your account, then you may need to enable third party cookies on your browser. Third party cookies are a requirement for Google's authentication to work.

Check that you are logging into the correct product
We offer two contacts management products - Voyzu Contacts Directory which enables you to manage your domain external contacts, and Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager which is a more fuller featured contact management solution. You can read more about the products and their differences here. You can see which product or products you have installed within the Google Workspace Admin console by navigating to Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace Apps

You must be a domain administator or delegated administator to log in to Voyzu Contacts Directory
Voyzu's permissions mirror your domain permissions. Only domain administrators ("super admins") or delegated administrators can log in to Voyzu and manage Directory contacts. Note that no special permissions are required to view Domain contacts (see the section "Making sure domain users can see Directory contacts" below)

Check that the application is available to all users and that data access is granted
From Google Workspace Admin navigate to Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps. Click on 'Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager' and ensure that the application is available to all users, and all scopes have been granted

I receive an error message saying Voyzu has not yet been activated
Check that a domain administrator has installed Voyzu and has logged in at least once.

I receive an error message "Please log in using your primary domain email address"
Currently Voyzu Contacts Directory only supports a single domain per Google Workspace account. Users must sign in using their primary domain email address, signing in with a secondary domain address is not supported

I have checked all of these and still can't login
It is possible Voyzu doesn't have the API access it needs. Check out this support article

Nope I'm stuck
Contact Voyzu support.

Making sure domain users can see Directory contacts

When your Google Workspace domain is correctly configured all users will be able to see a "Directory" tab in their Google Contacts and this tab will contain a list of Domain Users and Directory contacts

If your users cannot see the "Directory" tab, or external contacts appear in Voyzu but not in users' Directory tab then:

  • From within Google Workspace Admin navigate to Directory > Settings
  • Check that "External Directory Sharing" is set to "Domain and Public Data"
  • If this is not the case then then edit this setting.
  • The next step is to check the setting for Contact Sharing - to do this return to the previous screen and click the pencil icon to edit the "Enable Contact Sharing" setting
  • Check that "Enable Contact Sharing" is checked and check the setting for "Choose what is shown in the browsable "Directory" in Contact Manager", this should be set to "Show both domain profiles and domain shared contacts"