Import contacts into Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace from a text (e.g. CSV) file


Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace allows you to import contacts from a Google Contact Label (previously known as a Contact Group). If your contacts already exist within a google contacts label, you're all set, simply open Voyzu Contacts Directory and navigate to Directory Contacts > Import Contacts.

In some cases you may have a text (e.g. CSV) file with the contacts data you wish to import. In this case you will need to first import your contacts into a Google Contacts Label, and then import into Voyzu Contacts Directory. This page will guide you through the process of importing Google Contacts

Establish a Google Contacts template file

Google Contacts will only allow you to import contacts in a specific format, with the standard contacts column headings. The easiest way to get a blank file in this format is to select a contact or contact group and export it.

This will create a file containing the contact you exported, and more importantly the column headings you need.

Populate the spreadsheet

Open this file and add the contacts data you need to. If you have a large number of contacts in a CSV file already you can save time by using your existing file and changing the column headings to match the Google Contacts standard contacts headings.

Upload the spreadsheet

Upload the spreadsheet to Google contacts. A new label will automatically be created to hold the imported contacts.

You will be asked if you want to check for duplicates, this is good practice unless you are sure your file has no duplicate entries.

Import the new contacts label into your Directory using Voyzu Contacts Directory

Open Voyzu Contacts Directory and navigate to Directory Contacts > Import Contacts. If you need to, refresh the list of contacts labels by clicking on the 'refresh' icon to the right of the labels drop-down list. Select the new label that was created in the previous step and click on 'Import Contacts'