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Manage directory contacts

Your Google Workspace contacts directory gives you a central place for you and your users to view organizations, leads, customers and suppliers. Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace allows you to create and manage these contacts.

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Bulk import contacts

Bulk Import contacts from your Google contact labels (groups). This feature unlocks the ability for you to bulk import contacts from a text / csv file. A full imports history is saved, including the user initiating the import.

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Fully integrated with Google Workspace

You and your fellow domain administrators can log in to Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace from any Google product using existing Google Workspace email and passwords.

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Contacts in your users company directory (can be viewed but not edited)

Manage global contacts in real time

Your company's Google Workspace Directory allows you to give your users read-only access to a global list of contact data. However neither you or your users can add users to this directory. This is where Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace comes in. With voyzu you can add contacts which will instantly appear in your users' contacts directory. Learn more

Simple and user-friendly

Share Google Workspace contacts globally

Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace allows you to add, edit, delete, and upload profile pictures for your central company contacts directory.

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voyzu directory contacts (can be edited)

Install voyzu now, simple, quick free install with no set up required!

Install from Google Workspace Marketplace

You must be a Google Workspace administrator to install Voyzu Contacts Directory for Google Workspace. If you are not a domain administrator please ask your domain admin to install voyzu from the Google Workspace marketplace