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Contacts Directory

Voyzu maintains a synchronized copy of your G Suite domain contacts and allows you to add, edit and delete domain shared contacts.


Import Contacts

Bulk Import contacts from your Google contact labels (groups). A full contact history is saved, including the user initiating the import

Export contacts

Export your contacts to a Google Spreadsheet


Add data

All Google contact fields are supported, including the ability to add a contact profile image. Add standard fields such as email and phone number as well as custom fields.

Domain Users

Manage who can access Voyzu Contacts Directory



Looks and works great on your mobile phone

Embedded Help

A help sidebar guides you through every screen in the application


Install voyzu now, simple, quick free install with no set up required!

Install from G Suite Marketplace

You must be a Google G Suite administrator to install Voyzu Contacts Directory for G Suite. If you are not a domain administrator please ask your domain admin to install voyzu from the Google G Suite marketplace