Step by step: mail merge to your Global Directory contacts


Voyzu Contacts Directory allows you to use your central company directory as a centralized location for all you company contacts such as leads, customers, suppliers and other contacts your company or organization interacts with. You may want to do an email merge to send emails to some or all of these contacts. This article will guide you through the steps on how to achieve this.

Set up email authentication

If you haven't done this already, now is a good time to set up email authentication for your domain. This is important as without email authentication set up your mail merge emails risk going to your contacts' spam folder. Email authentication or Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a process whereby you prove that you own the domain name you are sending email from.

To set up email authentication log in to your G Suite admin console and navigate to "Applications" > "G Suite" > "Gmail" and click on "Authenticate email". If you haven't already set up email authentication you will see a screen like the below

If you purchased your domain as part of your G Suite set up then simply click on 'Start Authentication' and G Suite will automatically do the rest. If not, you will need to insert some information into a TXT record of your domain's DNS settings. This process can be a little technical, however G Suite does provide on screen instructions to help you.

Google provides an online tool that you can use to validate your G Suite outbound mail setup at

Install Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) is a simple and popular mail merge tool for Gmail and G Suite. You can install YAMM from the G Suite Marketplace

YAMM has a free edition that allows you to send up to 50 emails per day, and paid plans that allow up to 1500 emails to be sent per day (the G Suite limit is 2000 per day) starting at USD $28 per year

Compose your email template as a draft

From within Gmail click on 'Drafts' and compose a new email. Compose the email template just as you would a regular email. To insert merge fields enclose fields in {{}} for example Dear {{First Name}} {{Last Name}}

Add your Directory Contacts to a contacts group

YAMM will allow you to select contacts in 'My Contacts' or a specific contacts label (group) but it is not able to see your Directory contacts. Therefore you need to copy your Directory contacts into a group within your regular contacts. To do this navigate to google contacts and switch to the old contacts (you can do this step in the new contacts version, but only contact by contact which is painful).

Select the contacts you want to merge to, then add these contacts to a new group, name this group for example "my mail merge".

Import your contacts to a Google Sheet

Navigate to google sheets and create a new, blank spreadsheet. Now select Yet Another Mail Merge from the Add-ons menu, and click to import contacts

In the screen that pops up, choose the contact group you created in the previous step, and click 'Import Contacts'

Your contacts will be imported into the Google Spreadhsheet

The column headers that YAMM creates should match your merge fields. For example you will see 'First Name' as a column heading, if your template starts with "Hi {{Given Name}}" the field will not be merged.

Send Emails

If you want to omit emails from the mail merge then cancel the pop up dialog box and in the spreadsheet delete the rows with addresses you don't want to send mail to. Then again select 'Yet Another Mail Merge' from the Add-ons menu and click to 'Start Mail Merge'.

Select the email template you composed

To send from one of your email aliases instead of your default email click the 'Alias...' link

Click to 'Receive a test email' and if you are happy with the test mail sent, click 'Send emails' to begin your mail merge