Release log

26 March 2019
Export Contacts | Contact Type and Status | Fields Re-aligned | Contact Edit Screen Enhancements


  • Added ability to export Directory Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet
    • New web page added to menu: 'Directory Contacts' > 'Export Contacts
    • All Directory Contacts are exported to a Google Spreadsheet
    • A full audit history is available
  • Added 'Type' and 'Status' fields
    • These fields can be used to track contact type (e.g. "Customer", "Supplier" etc) and status (e.g. "ACTIVE", "INACTIVE" etc)
    • These fields appear in the contact list and in the contact edit screen
  • Added new fields fields to the contact edit screen ('All Fields' tab)
    • The 'All Fields' tab now shows more fields - fields have been added to align with the Google contacts contact screen
    • Added ability to support contact notes


  • Contact edit - 'Main' screen re-designed
    • The front tab of the contact edit screen has been re-designed to support more fields, including contact notes
  • Settings screen now displays the voyzu G Suite administrator
    • The settings screen (accessible from the cog icon on the top right, and visible only to domain administrators) now shows the name and email of the voyzu G Suite administrator
6 February 2019
Import Contacts


  • Added ability to import Directory Contacts from a Google label (group)
    • New web page added to menu: 'Directory Contacts' > 'Import Contacts
    • Contacts in the selected label (group) are imported into Voyzu and added to company Directory Contacts
    • A full audit history is available
December 2018
Initial release


  • Voyzu Contacts Directory for G Suite released to the G Suite marketplace
    • Manage Directory Contacts
    • Manage user access