Shared Contact FAQs

Which of my contacts are shared / synchronized?

All contacts having the special #voyzu shared label are synchronized. Changes to contacts applied by any participating user will automatically flow through to all participating users.

Are contacts that don't have #voyzu shared label ever shared with other users?

No. Your private contacts remain private and are never shared with other users. Only contacts you choose to share (by applying the #voyzu shared label) are shared

What is the cost of the Voyzu shared user feature?

A free version and subscription based plans are available, see our pricing page

How often are my shared contacts synchronized?

You will find that changes flow through to all your participating users within 15 minutes. There may be occasions, for example at times of heavy load or if you are adding or updating a large number of contacts at once, that changes will take longer to propagate. Users with a large number of users will also find changes take a bit longer before they are applied to all users. You should find that all changes have been fully applied within an hour, maximum.

Can I share contacts with users outside my G Suite domain?

No. Voyzu Shared Contacts for G Suite has been purpose designed to allow companies and organizations to maintain a global list of organization-wide contacts.

Can I control which users have access to the #voyzu shared label?

You can, as a domain administrator. Log in to Voyzu and navigate to the 'Users' menu. From there you can search for users and select which users you want to give access to company shared contacts

How do I import contacts into my Voyzu Shared Contacts?

As the #voyzu shared label is automatically synchronized, simply add contacts to this label and they will be imported automatically. If you are importing from a text (e.g. CSV) file then please read the help page

When I add a new user to my G Suite domain, will they automatically get access to the #voyzu shared label?

Yes - this is the default. You can change this setting by logging into Voyzu and clicking the 'Settings' cog.

Can I apply other labels to contacts having the #voyzu shared label?

You can. Note that Voyzu will syncronize contacts, but not contact labels. So if you apply another label to a contact in your #voyzu shared folder, other users will not have this label added. Label sharing is under consideration as an upcoming feature, please contact us if you would like to know more.

If I delete contacts with the #voyzu shared label are they deleted for all users?

Yes. All changes to contacts, including deletions to contacts in the #voyzu shared label are applied to all parcipating users.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can share contacts with across my G Suite domain?

Yes there is a limit of 300 users participating in contacts sharing. If you want to share across more than 300 users then contact us to learn more about our higher volume plans

Is there a limit to the number of shared contacts I can have?

Yes there is a limit of 10,000 shared contacts. If you want to share over 10,000 contacts then contact us to learn more about our higher volume plans

Can I make contacts read-only for some users?

No, shared contacts can always be edited by any user with access. If you want to maintain a read-only company contact list consider using Domain contacts. See this help page for an explanation of the differences between shared and Domain contacts.

If a user adds a new label and names it "#voyzu shared" does this mean the user get access to company shared contacts?

No, user access is controlled by a domain admin who needs to log into Voyzu and select which users particpate in contacts sharing.